bamboo villa

The perfect place for your adventure

Our Fishing House is located in Chiriqui

A first class luxury home. Located just 15 minutes from the David International Airport. With direct boat access to world class fishing.

Interior of the villa

bamboo villa

The Villa


We encourage anglers to bring their wifes and or friends and family as the villa can accommodate all.
additional fees apply

What Services, We Give You!

Free Wifi

Free internet services throughout the lodge

Private Boat

Private Offshore and Inshore boat with fuel

Drinks & Foods

Include bottled water, ice, foods, beers.

Fishing tackles & gear

World Class fishing equipment and bait.

Swimming pool

A great infinity pool in the villa to relax after a great fishing day or your adventures.

A spectacular day of fishing

Day trips leaving Marina Chorcha at 6:30 am Returning at 4:30 PM. Includes lunch and drinks.

The fee is $1,350.00

Adventurous souls

Five day adventure for 1-3 anglers at the Bamboo Villa Lodge includes 3 days of fishing leaving again at 6:30 am and returning at 4:30 pm. All food and drinks included in the Villa and on board!

The fee is $10,750.00


7 Days of adventure, includes 4 days of fishing with 1-3 fishermen. This package is a great opportunity for the trip of a lifetime! Again, this includes all food and beverages both in the Villa and on board.

The fee is $13,750.00